Frequently Asked Questions

Will my case be dealt with by a fully qualified solicitor?

Yes. All the legal work carried in our offices is carried out or supervised by solicitors with whom you will have direct contact at all times. All solicitors in private practice must hold a Practising Certificate issued by the Law Society. Amongst other things this ensures that, in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, there is insurance to protect you.

Do you deal with Legal Aid?

No. You can find out about the firms in the area you could approach by viewing the Community Legal Service website.

Do you do no win no fee?

No. We are a traditional firm. We charge fair and reasonable fees for the work we do. Subject to many exceptions, if you are involved in a successful claim against a third party you can expect to recover most of your costs. Of course, there can be no guarantee but we would not take on a case that we do not consider has good prospects of success.

How do I prepare for my initial meeting?

If we have not acted for you before, or even if we have but do not yet have identification evidence for you, you will need to bring to your first interview (1) your passport or modern driving licence with a photograph and (2) a domestic utility account or bank statement showing your current address. We have to have this to comply with very strict anti-money laundering regulations. Where we are acting for you in connection with the purchase of a property, we will also require proof of source of funds

How quickly will I be able to have an appointment?

According to the urgency of your legal business, you can expect to have an appointment within a matter of days. Naturally, in urgent cases our solicitors will be able to see you out of normal office hours.

How much will it cost?

Charges vary quite substantially between different firms of solicitors for different types of work. Experience and expertise of the solicitor and the complication of the work are crucial factors. By special arrangement we would not charge for the first, short, interview when we would weigh up what is involved in your case. At this stage neither you or our firm would be under any obligation. It is very important however at that stage that both you and we know of the kind of cost your case might involve. You can expect us to provide information about this but, in any event, you should ask. Terms of business including about the cost will be confirmed in writing.

Will I be able to speak to my solicitor in person or over the telephone?

Yes, we regard it as important that you can speak directly to the solicitor handling your case. Of course, he or she will not always be immediately available but other staff in the office will take a message for you and your call will be returned. Only exceptionally would this not be possible on the same day.